Family raised by--Kim Harnish
Licensed Veterinary Technician 26 years

Our babies are accustom to
children, cats, dogs and the
sights and sounds that go
along with a family household.
 Our little ones are all
examined by a veterinarian
before they go to their new

Kim Harnish
We are located near La Crosse,
Wisconsin, 54601

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Registered Siamese Kittens


TCA Registered Siamese Cats and Kittens

We raise the "Traditional" and Classic
Siamese--the cats you think of as the
original Siamese.

They are graceful, healthy, intelligent
beautiful cats.  They have wonderful
devoted personalities that are blessed
with grace and elegance.
They have a nice soft hair coat with a
quieter and less vocal than that of the
newer modern wedge type Siamese.

Siamese Cat/Kitten Video
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